Novalis® Innovative Flooring, maker of NovaFloor®, is a true international specialist in luxury vinyl flooring (or LVT as it’s more commonly known). Novalis began making luxury vinyl flooring in 1984, long before it became the overwhelmingly popular flooring type that it is now.

Today, you’ll find luxury vinyl flooring made by Novalis in over 50 countries across six continents in a variety of award-winning commercial spaces and homes. For more information about Novalis Innovative Flooring, visit NovalisInnovativeFlooring.com. For information about our commercial LVT line, visit AVAFlor.com.

Indoor air quality is especially important to Novalis. Because the majority of our lives are spent indoors, controlling Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that are released or “off-gassed” into the indoor air is a concern for all of us, especially for small children, the elderly and anyone with breathing issues such as asthma or allergy conditions. That’s why Novalis makes its flooring in compliance to the strictest standards established through FloorScore® testing and GREENGUARD Gold compliance.

Another issue has been the use of phthalates that make PVC products flexible. Phthalates have been considered by many to be potentially hazardous from repeated exposure through contact. In 2014, Novalis stopped using phthalates and developed the use of a bio-based plasticizer as a safe alternative in its flooring. All Novalis Innovative Flooring products are Eco+ 100% phthalates-free.

From the very beginning, sustainability has been part of the “Novalis Vision” of Art, Quality and Nature. Our Vision for Nature: “Conserving energy and resources, while reducing our carbon footprint. We are environmentally responsible in the design and production of all our flooring products.” So at Novalis, we use as little energy as possible and generate as little waste as possible to make products with low lifecycle costs that are safe and healthy. More details are on the Environmental page on this website.

Novalis Innovative Flooring Green Manufacturing Practices:

  • Zero-waste production by diverting all scrap for reuse
  • 100% production water recycling, through reclamation, filtering, recycling, and reuse
  • Improved reductions in energy consumption, through a split hot press system and closed-loop steam recycling
  • Use of Natural Gas, the cleanest fuel available to us
  • Reclamation offered for large projects in China to make new flooring of equivalent quality
  • Complete manufacturing voluntary transparency through Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Health Product Declaration (HPD) and Declare labeling of all our flooring
  • Our vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable

More details are on the Environmental page on this website.

Novalis proudly supports and actively participates in these organizations that uphold the highest standards in the floor covering industry.