In Part One, we looked at floating LVT floors — the kind that locks together and does not use any adhesive to install. In Part Two, let’s look at glue-down (or direct-glue) LVT for comparison. How do they differ? How are they the same? Jim Kups, Technical Manager for North America of Novalis, lends us his valuable advice again. Thanks Jim!

Part Two

When should you consider installing glue down LVT?

Jim: Glue down LVTP (Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank) can be installed over any substrate, provided proper steps are taken to prepare the subfloor to accept the adhesive. This can be very time consuming and costly, yet yields a very stable and permanent solution for an installed floor. With LVTP, environmental temperatures and the flatness of the subfloor are crucial, and if they cannot be brought in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, then a glue down installation is the best approach.

Editors Note: Watch the video! See Jim demonstrate how to install a Novalis glue down LVT floor. Click here!

Installing Glue-Down Novalis LVT FlooringIs glue down just for professionals?

Jim: Using adhesives for installation can be tricky and sometimes messy, so professional installers are probably better suited to this type of installation.

Are adhesives safe to use? Are they a VOC concern?

Jim: Flooring adhesives went through the environmental changes over two decades ago with the removal of carcinogenic chemicals and dark oils from their formulations. All adhesives in use today are water-based and pass stringent VOC testing, making them extremely safe for use. (Editor’s note: VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Click here for an explanation.)

Should I always use the branded adhesive recommended or will any do?

Jim: Tough question to answer given the amount of good adhesive products on the market today. But in the end if a flooring manufacturer recommends a certain adhesive, whether branded or not, use it. Branded adhesives carry ‘system installation warranties’ and provide you with a product that has been tested for use and performance with that specific flooring.

Are there any “watch outs” I should be careful about?

Jim: Any flooring has “watch outs” for installation, and with a direct glue installation you not only have these for the flooring to consider but also the adhesive. Pay careful attention to moisture in the substrate, alkalinity, environmental humidity and temperature and especially the subfloor itself.

What is available in glue-down floors from Novalis?

Jim: Novalis offers a complete range of direct-glue flooring in all current collections. From our entry-level Lyndon collection to Casa, a lifetime residential product with a light commercial rating, and our heavy commercial flooring in the Hartsfield and Birkdale collections. Check out our Lyndon, Casa, Hartsfield and Birkdale collections at

Let us know if you have any questions for Jim regarding glue down flooring.