Novalis combines sophisticated printing and manufacturing techniques, along with high-definition photographic processes to create stunning imitations of wood, stone and marble surfaces for its NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring.

Explore the six collections of NovaFloor® Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Novalis®

NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring provides these practical benefits for the home:

  • Lower cost to own than the flooring materials it imitates
  • A wide variety of plank and tile sizes and installation options to choose from
  • Easy to maintain with just a damp mop
  • Water resistant, enabling installation in wet-prone areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens
  • Equipped with wear layers for added durability and UV fade resistance

How NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring is constructed

1 & 2: Backing & Middle Layer Vinyl backing, high resistance to pressure and eco-friendly performance
3. Printed Layer This unique design layer gives the floor its unique pattern and color
4. Transparent Wear Layer Extremely durable with high purity PVC wear layer
5. PU Coating Excellent stain, abrasion and fade resistance with antibacterial effect, easy to maintain and avoid wax

What is the Appearance Variability Rating System?

At Novalis, customer satisfaction is always our top concern. That’s why we have an “Appearance Variability Rating” on all our products in the form of a VR number to help know what to expect in the finished appearance of your new flooring.  

Modeled after the ceramic tile industry “V” rating system, this new VR rating is something new for vinyl flooring.

Because design trends in tiles are drifting toward more monolithic and solid coloring in larger formats, shade variations are becoming more apparent in a given line from piece to piece. Travertine and concrete styled tiles with more solid coloring and less “veins” of differing colors in a larger formats will tend to make color variations more apparent, too.

Additionally, wood patterns with wider grain patterns or less grain in them will make color variations in the base color more visible.  Plank sizes are now reaching 9” wide and 60” to 72” lengths in some cases.  While woods are generally not subject of random coloring changes in an installed floor, every so often a pattern and color combination will come along with a degree of noticeable variance.

So going forward, each of our NovaFloor® wood and tile products will have a VR number assigned. Ratings will be displayed as VR1, VR2, VR3 and VR4. VR1 will be the least amount of variation and consistent coloring possible, and VR4 will be the most varied in shade and color.  The following table was used to determine the code for each pattern: