Happy February! This is the month we find creative ways to show some love to our family and friends. And at Novalis, it’s “We Love our LVT month”. I thought, why not help our readers with ways to show some love to their beautiful Novalis Luxury Vinyl flooring? Here’s some helpful and loving ways to care for your flooring …

Care … Caring for your floor daily is best achieved by sweeping up dirt and debris with a broom.If you have an electric broom or brushless vacuum, these will work too, but avoid beater bars as they will damage the factory-applied coating.  This is also essential in helping to keep your furniture protectors in excellent shape! And don’t forget to wipe up spills and the jelly you dropped while making lunches to keep stains down and you up!

Cleaning … Weekly cleaning (or more often) can be done with a neutral pH cleaning solution and a damp mop. Over-watering the flooring is not necessary and with glue-down products can lead to adhesion issues in the near future. Stay away from multi-surface cleaners, vinegar, and harsh chemicals; these will dull your relationship with your flooring and cause it to look at you differently.

Protect… Use of felt or nylon protectors on all moveable furniture like chairs, (high chairs too!), tables, couches (yep) will keep them from scratching, scuffing and damaging your floor. I also recommend changing these when you change the batteries in your smoke alarms. Use of non-rubber backed mats at your outside doors will help trap unwanted particles and debris and make them easier to kick out of your house.

Serious love … The ultimate way to go above and beyond in your care and protection is to use a finish on your floor to add protection and another wear surface. And much like that first time you bring home flowers or leave a note in that someone special’s lunch, once you start you better keep it up! Finishes can wear off, especially in high-traffic areas, and need to be reapplied regularly as part of a maintenance routine. This is not a regular recommendation but only in extreme cases or some commercial applications.

For more tips and our complete maintenance guide please visit us at www.novafloor.us/techinfo.

Happy Cleaning!


Jim Kups, Technical Manager, North America, Novalis Innovative Flooring

Jim Kups, Technical Manager, North America, Novalis Innovative Flooring