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Available Profiles

Available Profiles - Tread edging. Additional flooring plank needed to make complete tread
Technical Information
NovaCap Square
NovaCap Stairs

NovaCap Availability: All Rigid Core planks excluding Maybree 5” wide planks.

*Since flooring thicknesses vary, to find the inside height dimension of your NovaCap, measure the thickness of your floor, multiply it by 2, and subtract it from the outside height.
**NovaCaps are produced in various lengths depending on the length of the actual floor. However, regardless of the floor length, the maximum length for NovaCaps is 46 inches.

NovaFloor® Molding and Stair Nose Options

Stair noses and moldings
stair noses and molding shapes
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NovaFloor® Adhesives

For direct-glue installation of NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring, use the adhesives especially made for the job … Novalis® branded adhesives. All our adhesives are made to the same high standards as our flooring.

NV-GLU Acrylic Flooring Adhesive