By Julie Foster, Product & Marketing Manager, Residential Flooring

Novalis is not new to the LVT flooring category. In fact, it is one of the pioneers. And all Novalis makes and has ever made is Luxury Vinyl Flooring, whether it’s glue down, clic, loose lay or the new Multilayer flooring. Those two facts alone differentiate the Novalis brand from the majority of LVT product lines on the market today.

But upon closer examination, you’ll discover how Novalis is truly better than the typical LVT product offering. Because no other manufacturer gives you all five key qualities you’ll need in the LVT brand on your showroom floor.

  1. Expert service. LVT is not a sideline for us, or something our folks just picked-up along the way. They know the product and the market. That reason alone is probably why when distributors add an LVT line, they call us.
  2. Stunning designs. Truth be told, Novalis has been behind some of the most gorgeous, realistic designs in planks and tiles since the 1980’s. We understand we’re in a fashion business, first and foremost.
  3. Complete product line. With our NovaFloor residential line, you get the complete range of sizes, warranties, thicknesses, cores, and installation methods for your customer. You’ve got them all covered!
  4. Merchandising support that comes with smart, easy to assemble, space saving displays that go up in a jiffy and sell like crazy.
  5. Quality all the way. Since our beginning, Novalis has set the standard for quality engineering that is environmentally responsible. What we put into our product is right there for you to see.

We invite you to discover what more and more flooring professionals already know: Novalis is The Place for LVT. Visit and you’ll see what we mean.

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